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About Us

Mission Statement

It is the goal of Nut Up Industries, Inc. to set the standard of quality in custom tree nut processing and packaging. With our dedication to creativity and hard work, we will bring innovative products and services to the market. We value our employees, customers and suppliers, and consider them partners in creating rewarding and beneficial relationships.


In fall of 2013, the Roche family of Roche Brothers International Family Nut Company realized that, when it came to custom tree nut processing and packaging, there was a space to fill. As both an energetic family with an active younger generation and established professionals with years of experience in agriculture and business, they knew that they could combine the creativity and innovation of their fresh perspective with the stability and practicality of their reputation in the almond industry. They turned to their long-term friends and business partners at BKI Exports Inc. with this idea. Nut Up Industries, Inc. was created out of that realization. Over the last two years, the Roche family and BKI Exports have dedicated themselves to filling that space by creating a state-of-the-art almond processing and packaging facility that will allow them to create high quality products for their customers and bring their own innovative products to the market. With over 100 years of farming and business experience, the Roche family and BKI Exports have a long history of combining their knowledge of the industry for the benefit of their customers and growers. The Roche family has been in the farming industry since the mid 1940s. BKI Exports Inc. was created in 2009 based on the owner’s 25 years of international and agricultural business experience. It is the goal of Nut Up Industries to continue the tradition of bringing their expertise to all areas of the tree nut industry.