Almond Flour

Blanched and Finely Ground California Almond Flour.

Bake with confidence with our 100% Blanched Almond, Almond Flour. This gluten-free baking alternative is not what you would expect. You can taste the difference in each dish with the light taste of California Almonds roasted deep into our flour.

Try our CHOPPED Natural Almonds in your recipes for an added crunch & protein boost.

We’re family farmers, focused on providing wholesome options for a new generation of snackers, every day adventurers and now, BAKERS! From cookies, cakes and sweet treats to breads, biscuits & home-made pies, you can ensure each dish you create is not only delicious, but nutritious. Pick up a 1lb bag of Nut Up Almond Flour & get bakin’ – we can’t wait to see what you create.

Weight 1 lbs

Nutritional Facts


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